Current Exchange CAS user counts

Below you’ll find a slight modification to a post from Mike Pfeiffer on querying Exchange 2010 CAS servers to obtain the current count of OWA and RPC clients.

function Get-CASActiveUsers {
      [Parameter(Position=0, ValueFromPipelineByPropertyName=$true, Mandatory=$true)]

  process {
    $Name | %{
      $RPC = Get-Counter "\MSExchange RpcClientAccess\User Count" -ComputerName $_
      $OWA = Get-Counter "\MSExchange OWA\Current Unique Users" -ComputerName $_
      New-Object PSObject -Property @{
        Server = $_
        "RPC Client Access" = $RPC.CounterSamples[0].CookedValue
        "Outlook Web App" = $OWA.CounterSamples[0].CookedValue

Get-CASActiveUsers CAS-1,CAS-2,CAS-3
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Exchange 2010 SP2 Released

Exchange 2010 SP2 has been released () and with is comes not many new features.

  • All patches included up to Exchange 2010 SP1 Roll-up 6
  • OWA Mini – OWA customized for low bandwidth and low resolution mobile devices
  • Cross-Site Silent Redirection for Outlook Web App – SSO experiance with Forms-Based authentication when passing CAS services between directory sites.
  • Hybrid Configuration Wizard – Allows for deployment of hybrid local and Office 365 deployments
  • Address Book Policies – Allows for multiple address books to be offered to users based upon new defined policies

For my install of Exchange the only feature which might be worthwhile would be OWA Mini, even with many mobile devices using ActiveSync without any issues.

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