Filtering out extra Windows interfaces when monitoring with LibreNMS/Observium

By default when monitoring a Windows-based host with LibreNMS (also for Observium), you’ll see a lot of extra unwanted interfaces present. However, to filter them out globally you need to edit the config.php file. Here’s a basic config that should take of most of the extra network adapters present for Windows Server 2008 through 2012R2. Notice, if you have special teaming configurations they will create their own unique names which this will not remove.

$config['bad_if'][] = "wan miniport (sstp)";
$config['bad_if'][] = "wan miniport (l2tp)";
$config['bad_if'][] = "wan miniport (pptp)";
$config['bad_if'][] = "wan miniport (pppoe)";
$config['bad_if'][] = "wan miniport (ipv6)";
$config['bad_if'][] = "wan miniport (network monitor)";
$config['bad_if'][] = "wan miniport (ip)";
$config['bad_if'][] = "wan miniport (ikev2)";
$config['bad_if'][] = "tap-windows adapter v9";
$config['bad_if'][] = "broadcom netlink (tm) gigabit ethernet-wfp lightweight filter-0000";
$config['bad_if'][] = "software loopback interface 1";
$config['bad_if'][] = "lo";
$config['bad_if'][] = "vmxnet3 ethernet adapter-wfp lightweight filter-0000";
$config["bad_if"][] = "vmxnet3 ethernet adapter #2-wfp lightweight filter-0000";
$config['bad_if'][] = "ras async adapter";
$config["bad_if"][] = "teredo tunneling pseudo-interface";
$config["bad_if"][] = "microsoft kernel debug network adapter";
$config["bad_if"][] = "vmxnet3 ethernet adapter-wfp native mac layer lightweight filter-0000";
$config["bad_if"][] = "vmxnet3 ethernet adapter-wfp 802.3 mac layer lightweight filter-0000";
$config["bad_if"][] = "wan miniport(ip)-wfp native mac layer lightweight filter-0000";

I’ve also included a few specifically if you are running on VMware with the VMXNet3 network adapter.

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