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Messagetracking log compilation

If you ever needed to quickly all external messages sent to your organization but have the problem of multiple transport servers, the below script should help give some insight into the messages recently received.

$myminutes = 1
$myservers = "cashub-1","cashub-2","cashub-3"
$mydomain = "testdomain.local"

$mystart = (Get-Date).addminutes(-$myminutes)
foreach($myserver in $myservers)
		Write-host "------------------- start " $myserver "-------------------"
		Get-MessageTrackingLog -Start $mystart -server $myserver | where {($_.Sender -notlike "*$mydomain") -and ($_.Source -eq "SMTP")}
		Write-host "-------------------   end " $myserver "-------------------`n"
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July 30, 2012 at 3:54 am
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