Diskeeper 2012 First Look

Diskeeper 12 (aka 2012) has been released to existing customers under active support contracts.
Upon first launch you’ll be greeted with a new splash screen which makes you wonder if this is really the “re-branding” version.

After the initial splash screen the normal What’s New dialog is present.

As you can tell things are starting to look a bit different. The home screen has been completely redesigned.

In general what is being present in the volume summary is similar to what it was before but it a simplified view. What you’ll also notice is the option to “Reclaim Space”, this will zero out any used blocked on the volume. Which in a virtual environment can be a really BIG DEAL!!! That being said you must being running thin provisioned VMDK’s on thin provisioned LUNs. This part is pretty straight forward the last piece to make your life is the availability of the SCSI UNMAP command being supported by your storage vendor otherwise you need to perform manual storage vmotion’s to LUNs of different block sizes to reclaim any inflated space.
In the time I’ve used it since install system resource usage has been about what is was with previous releases and so far has shown no performance issues as of yet. I’ll post a followup to this post after I have some time to test out the reclaim space functionality a bit more.


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