I’ll be taking a break from blogging for bit while I move across the state and change am in the process of changing jobs. Hopefully within a few weeks or so things will get settled down.

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SSD Notebook Performance

The Lenovo (IBM) T410s notebook ships with an optional 128GB SSD. The particular SSD seems to vary a bit between either Toshiba or Samsung. When testing read performance there was no problem cracking 3800+IOPS with random seek performance and over a 128MB sustained read rate.


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Server 2008 R2 Core Memory Usage with vSphere

A few weeks back while testing a Server 2008 R2 Core install I was curious what the resource usage impact was when comparing it to some other editions of Windows Server.


2008 R2 Core without VMWare Tools installed runs a page file of 282MB while with VMWare Tools installed hovers at 401MB. Lastly when testing against a full 2008 R2 Standard install with VMWare Tools installed we are sitting at 461MB for memory usage. For comparison, I also included a base Server 2003 R2 install showing even lighter resource usage yet.

Definitely less is more, but it goes to show that there is a a 60MB savings in memory usage by using a core install over the full-install. The bigger surprise was finding out that VMWare Tools alone used 119MB on the test system.


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